Minggu, 26 April 2015

Never Sleeps City

I never dreamed go to mecca till i'm 23. I have always been dreaming of  to,hmm, let's saaay.........London. Knocking on 221B baker street, or maybe, Venice, settled ourselves in the gondola and adored the scenic view. Yes,  I always be that Cliche.

But a month before i turning 24, I got this big big big big opportunity to go to Mecca. At first, i just settled my mind focusing only for pray. But, eversince I touchdown Mecca and saw Ka'bah........it was so so so Magical and i cant say a word except for "SubhanAllah.." And "Alhamdulillah..".

Well, I'm not that kind of religious person, for your information. But I couldnt stand to cry when i got the chance to pray in the Holy Mosque, Right In front Of Ka'bah.  It was magical to be greeted by the most sacred site of moslem. Till the time i write this on my blog, My heart still skip a beat every time i look at the photos of Ka'bah.

Hundred people pray in Ka'bah (Left) uuummm...well, a little selfie of me wont kill, righ? :p (right)
Grand Zam-zam, The Building in fornt of The Holy Mosque.
Strolling down Mecca

The other interesting things about Mecca and The Holy Mosque is that this city never sleep. Well, the city that never sleeps is a well known nickname for New York. But for me, The real never sleeps city will always goes to this one. 24/7. Hundreds People still full-filling Masjidil Haram even it's midnight.

it's 2.00 In the morning and you still saw the crowd.
Kapan lagi makan Eskrim pemandangannya Masjidil Haram? :p

Well, From the view finder of My Fuji, I also calling the fascinating Maddina this time! The most favourite things from Maddina is The Architecture of The Prophet's Mosque of course. I always Love the Ambience, and love the details for sure.

The Prophet's Mosque. Nabawi Mosque
Strolling down Maddina. The city was so fascinating.
Arabian wall Ads (Left) and The Tower of Masjid Nabawi in between (Right)

I wish I could back to Mecca And Maddina. I Already miss 'em much. Aamiin.


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