Senin, 28 Desember 2015

A late afternoon stroll in Kobe

I'm officially moving to Japan since a month ago. I lived in Kobe, the capital city of Hyogo prefecture in Kansai Area. About 30 minutes from Osaka by train. It's a beautiful city, but unfortunately, i dont have much time to wander around the city because i kinda busy with office thingy. 

Well, This is a late afternoon stroll in the middle of my free time after work. The view around my apartment. And I'm Still exploring the Kobe beauty,though. I am falling in love to this city instantly! 


Kamis, 24 Desember 2015

A little bit of Here and There.

Today is a day before Christmast and the good news is...........i will experience christmast in different part of world this year, because till the next 9 months i'm currently living in Kobe, Japan ! :D
I was nervous yet excited, this is my very first time live far away from home and not knowing anybody in this strange city.

About today, I just wandered around the city and escaped to this lovely Herb Garden in Kobe for its beautiful autumn colors and a little glimpse of Christmas lights. 

we took the cable car and now you see the beautiful autumn colors and the buildings of kobe mingle together

There are charming restaurants and cafes which serve meals using seasonal herbs. You can gaze down on the lovely autumn colors atmosphere while grab some lunch or just cute dessert. Sipping on the herb tea that you can choose freely!

Herbs Burger and Camomile tea, and a bit sweetnes that will make you delightful ;)
The relaxing atmosphere in Mint Cafe

So, Merry Christmas All!