Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

39 Things I Love About You

14th is red-Letter-day for us.
Saya bukan termasuk yang merayakan Anniversary di tiap bulan, kadang bahkan lupa sudah bulan ke berapa. Oke, kami berdua rajin menghitung di awal. 1 bulan, 2 bulan, 3 bulan. Tapi lewat dari angka 10 kami sudah mulai malas menghitung karena sudah lebih dari jumlah jari kami :)

Saya membuat perbedaan untuk Anniversary kali ini. Saya menghitung. dan saya memberi hadiah. Hadiah kecil yang mungkin enggak terlalu penting, tapi jadi meaningful karena bulan depan kami bakal nggak akan merayakan anniversary kami bersama. hihi.

jadi, saya buat ini:

39 Things I Love About You
 untuk 39 bulan anniversary kita.
( honestly i can't stop in 39. i'll tell you for the rest, Dear )

I love you. Much.

Jumat, 01 Juni 2012

Dear,Clara !

I'm a big-big-big Fan of Claradevi since i was at senior highschool. I found her at Friendster ( a very long time ago, right? haha) and from the first time i saw her photos, i felt in love with her style. I really do, Especially after she decided to focus on vintage-fashion lately. Well, I do love vintage thingy, Some people asked me why i always bought random old-things like Old-telephone, old-radio, Old-camera and so on. But that's very exciting, decorate your room with those things. And yeah, vintage-fashion and Clara's fashion is also written in my vintage-list ;)

So, that's the reason why i accepted Annissa Shabrina's Project, in the middle of my studio's deadline.
Here we go,

the design was full of vintage things. vintage clothes, necklace, and i also wrapped it with vintage wrapping. all brown. and honestly, this one is one of my favourite ;)
Hopefully, Clara and Anis are satisfied with this notebook that i designed and yes, they love it anyway ! (yaaay!). Claradevi post it in instagram and i captured it :> hihi.

want one ? still, you can catch me on Flovemography. place your order one week before, guys ! ;)