Jumat, 01 Juni 2012

Dear,Clara !

I'm a big-big-big Fan of Claradevi since i was at senior highschool. I found her at Friendster ( a very long time ago, right? haha) and from the first time i saw her photos, i felt in love with her style. I really do, Especially after she decided to focus on vintage-fashion lately. Well, I do love vintage thingy, Some people asked me why i always bought random old-things like Old-telephone, old-radio, Old-camera and so on. But that's very exciting, decorate your room with those things. And yeah, vintage-fashion and Clara's fashion is also written in my vintage-list ;)

So, that's the reason why i accepted Annissa Shabrina's Project, in the middle of my studio's deadline.
Here we go,

the design was full of vintage things. vintage clothes, necklace, and i also wrapped it with vintage wrapping. all brown. and honestly, this one is one of my favourite ;)
Hopefully, Clara and Anis are satisfied with this notebook that i designed and yes, they love it anyway ! (yaaay!). Claradevi post it in instagram and i captured it :> hihi.

want one ? still, you can catch me on Flovemography. place your order one week before, guys ! ;)

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