Senin, 18 Januari 2016


As i mentioned before, that since december 2015 I have started my life in japan till the next 9 months. I was an intern in NPO +arts to study about disaster Risk Reduction education and how to design some program, games, and tools related to disaster education for children. NPO+arts office is in the same building with KIITO Creative and Design center in Kobe. For several project related to design and disaster, NPO+arts will colaborating and develop the same program. And how could i ended up here? well, it's a long story, tho. I will keep it for another time. Lol. :p
Right now, i would like to tell to you how surprise i am with my new office :p

At first, i thought that my office will be small but homey since it was a NGO (non Governmental Organization), and related to disaster. i thought that it would be so messy with things about disaster preparation, and the people who work there will mostly an outdoor people who ready anytime anywhere become volunteer when disaster comes. But, Woopsie, it was wrong. Turns out that this office building was a heritage building. The former 'Kobe Raw Silk Testing Center' was renovated and opened in August, 2012 as The 'Design and Creative Center Kobe'.

As An half-Architect and half-designer, I found this place was so interesting and artsy. They turn the old building into an artsy place! I really love that idea. Additionally, they also have a really cute Cafe called KIITO Cafe and their interior design were so cool. 

Main entrance of The Building

Me and the leftover of KIITO's BE KOBE Meeting
The view from the afternoon


Did you just love the Ambience of this Cafe? :)

Another Corner of KIITO Cafe
I love how they turn things into table

And the People in the cafe was so nice and friendly :)
had lunch with My Senpai from the Office

Today's Special

KIITO Second floor