Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2014

A Forgotten Summer

 "We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year, 
Running over the same old ground. What have we found? The same old fears..." 
- Pink Floyd, Wish You were Here.

I know i'm not that kind of traveller person or whatever. i'm not the great photographer too. But it's been a really long time not hanging the camera strap around my neck, and i kinda missing that. Started with the words " i need some fresh air....." then the next sec, we already jumped on our motorcycle, ready to get lost.

And here we are, Lost.
Get lost, escaping for lots of paperworks, a lots of responsibilities in our life.

A bag of chips, little talks, a laughter, Forgetting everything. Because, yes, sometimes we survive by forgetting, not remembering. huh?


Kamis, 28 Agustus 2014

A Day with A Riot Van and All The Laughter We've Shared :)

" There's no way of knowing for sure where the safest place is, 
So the best you can hope for is to have some good companion" 
- Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother.

After a long-long-long hectic week and days. And a bunch of paperworks and brainstorm. I think i deserve some holiday. So grateful, Kadek Arini comes up and getting me in to her fun project ( with her, everything becomes fun, really) :'>

So we decided to take a little trip to the south, and it isn't just an ordinary trip, because we got there by VW, and no one between us that can drove that monster trunk at first!
but yeah it was the best part of this trip, we tried something new, that has multiple risk, but then you have some good companion, and that's enough to make sure that everything will be fine. Enjoy the Photos!

Love, T.

Senin, 14 Juli 2014

Just give your self a little break: it's Dessert time! :D

Aren't you sick of this political things that come up every day in television, Social Media, and people all around you? Me too :(
So, here i am, try to refresh my mind from all this political junk (yeah, it's all a trash; too much black campaign, too much negative politic comments, and i dont like it at all). People nowadays so competitive being a jerk who always share a negative mind, why not trying to share something positive, or even more: inspiring? :(

That's why i made this post, I give you a little break from all the 'junk'. Back on a half year ago, I had this excited project, being a photo-stylist for Capry's Tea party. Again, with my fellas, Annisa Shabrina (and of course, her husband) and Kak Yasmine as a photographer.

Love, T.

*Photograph by Aditya S. nurgita and kak Yasmine.
Photo set and Styling by Tissa Florika and Anisa Shabrina
Talent by Stella Virgi
Cake and Food by Capry Bakery

Minggu, 06 Juli 2014

Dear You,

Remember that night? When we were talking about life under the star.  How I love the way you value great things in life, and most importantly, the way you speak up against injustice. Why cant we turning back time?

Kamis, 03 Juli 2014

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Over Two months ago i decorated Frozen themed for Kendra's Birthday Party. A sweet little girl who really wants to be a princess. The party was held in her house (which already look alike castle) 

So, this is my first Collab project with Annisa Sabhrina and her husband ( The Owner of Baobab Decor), helped over by Mba Stella ( The Owner Of Stella's Homemade) and Mba Lina (The Owner of KasetPita). Also, The real executor of these project : Herdi, Syinthia, Fattah, Bangkit, Gilang and any other (juga yang kmrn dikampus tangannya dipinjem buat ikutan bantuin smuanya haha)

This is my first time decorating a real birthday party. The dessert Table,  The 'White Forest' themed, The Round Table, etc. We went to many places hunting any kind of snow or winter theme stuffs and  dessert table equipments. For the decoration, i went with white, Aqua, and Blue scheme. We made lots of paper fan, Snowflakes, and Pom-pom for the decorative element. Almost 70% of the decoration element was D.I.Y things. it's tiring but it was fun :'D

Honestly, I'm not the disney-person-kind of thing. I hate princess and how easy they get their prince charming without even have to try anything. You just sleep for a long time, and wake up with your prince charming kissing you and they lived happily ever after after that. Eeeeeeerrr, Really, dude?

So, when Anis said the project was about Frozen and frozen was one of Disney movie, I kinda first. But it really is Challenging :D So, I spent my time wacthing over frozen, even it's still cheessy but i love it. Then, this is the result after all of love-hate-love relationship with anykind of frozen thing-and blue-thing and aqua-thing for over a months, I presented to you : Princess Kendra's Birthday Party in her Arandelle! 

 The Round Table Area For Parents

 The Dessert Table Area
Cakes and sweets everywhere!

 Spotted Olaf, welcoming people all around Arandelle

Last but not least, Let us take a selfie first :p
(anyway, i cant find the completed group photos with large resolution, i'll post them later)

So being a party planner isnt easy but it was fun! and yes, I'm gratefull be the part of this team. You'guys are rock! See you on next project! xoxo

Rabu, 08 Januari 2014

from 13 to 14. Hello!

I'm Back! setelah berbulan-bulan menghadapi dunia nyata dan tidak menyentuh blog. hahahaha.
So, Where were we? ;)

2013 baru saja lewat, but still too much memories left. Terutama karena 2013 adalah taun terakhir saya menghadapi segala tetek bengek perkuliahan, dan taun ini (in sha Allaaah, Amin!) saya bakal lulus jengjengjeng! :)) that's why taun 2013 bakal jadi taun yang ngga terlupakan. Taun terakhir saya bisa main-main sebelum terjun ke dunia yang sesungguhnya hahahah :p

it's sad, really. But sometimes even if you know how something's gonna end, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the ride, huh? Jadi, hari ini saya bela-belain duduk di depan laptop buluk saya yang udah tua dan berusaha buat flashback ke 2013, modal nanya-nanya dikit ke icha (yang nggak membantu) karena udah agak lupa taun ini saya ngapain aja hahahaha

Taun 2013 diawali dengan ritual perayaan taun baru; main kartu, kehujanan, dan sempet ketabrak mobil, yang mengharuskan saya menelan pain killer beberapa hari berikutnya. awal januari dengan Hecticnya sidang pra tugas akhir, dilanjut dengan mini trip sama keluarga ke china-hongkong. dilanjut lagi dengan hecticnya revisi pra tugas akhir, kkn, dan studio tugas akhir. little escape sama teman-teman kampus yang bentar lagi udah pada mencar-mencar entah kemana. tottaly worth it.

Then, I realize something; it's amazing what a year can do. There's a good times, and bad times. i've learned so many things this year. People come and go in your life, some of  'em did very hurtful things. Last couple of months, i spend my times over, analyzing situation. Trying to put the pieces and find out that peeople i've known forever dont see things the way i do, and i do know, nothing can fixed it. it happens to everyone as they grow up. what you have to do is to find another happiness, and i found it already. I never wonder that i can pass this sorrow, but I did. I thank god for them who always put the smile back on my face. there's always the ones who stay in my life & make me happier. But I also thank the ones who left my life & made me stronger :)

yep, Welcome, 2014.