Senin, 14 Juli 2014

Just give your self a little break: it's Dessert time! :D

Aren't you sick of this political things that come up every day in television, Social Media, and people all around you? Me too :(
So, here i am, try to refresh my mind from all this political junk (yeah, it's all a trash; too much black campaign, too much negative politic comments, and i dont like it at all). People nowadays so competitive being a jerk who always share a negative mind, why not trying to share something positive, or even more: inspiring? :(

That's why i made this post, I give you a little break from all the 'junk'. Back on a half year ago, I had this excited project, being a photo-stylist for Capry's Tea party. Again, with my fellas, Annisa Shabrina (and of course, her husband) and Kak Yasmine as a photographer.

Love, T.

*Photograph by Aditya S. nurgita and kak Yasmine.
Photo set and Styling by Tissa Florika and Anisa Shabrina
Talent by Stella Virgi
Cake and Food by Capry Bakery

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