Sabtu, 08 Juni 2013

Pictures say thousand words.

am on the mood posting all of my random photos that i posted on instagram lately. sadly, because i've been lost my iphone last couple months, i can't captured moment anytime anywhere like before (taking my d90 everywhere is way too heavy and difficult), but sometimes i still posted some photos, and here's a little gallery of my random photos i want to share :

so, what do you think of it ? ;p
like Samuel butler said, "every man's work, wether it be literature, or music, or pictures or architecture or anything else, always a potrait of himself".
Like Frank Gehry with his "fish" concept, Zoeey Deschanel with her quirky fashion and music, Can you captured what kind of person am i by looking from my photographs? ;)

Senin, 06 Mei 2013

Ups, This is the Plus One, am a bit older :'D

Sorry for no updates lately, it's really like a hectic year, start from early january 2013, i was busy with my thesis. and taraaaaaa.. it's may already and still haven't finish my thesis yet (cry) . Time flies, it Feels like my 21st birthday was only a few months ago, and I'm 22 today ! :'D

i stop wondering how many surprise i'll get today or expecting a sweet little suprise from my beloved people. which I'll still be thankful & happy about it, but what i really need the most is wishes and spending more time with my family, my friends, and my boyfriend.

But it turns great, My family woke up early, prepared a birthday cake for me. my boyfriend came right before lunch, gave me a cute teddy bear (and i love it much!) , My friend gave me a little sweet surprise by came to my house, brought a brownies cake and sweet vintage dress and i was sooooo excited! My bestfriend, Tyas and hegar sent me a lovely wishes via text messages and i miss them very very very much, hopefully i can spent the rest of this special day with them :(

ah, also Thanks to everyone, that I couldn't mention one by one, for your greetings and wishes. it's makes my day anyway :D

My favourite cake for my birthday cake from my family :) 

My father's sketch following with the real instax. i do love my father's sketch! it's quick-sketch but gorgeous :'D

 Got it from my boyfie, what's inside this package

yes, say hello to Charlie! hihi  ;)

The gank and their little surprise for me. me lovey <3

what happened today reminds me of how God takes care of me by giving all of them in my life and yeah, it's still continuing :') it's really gratefull having them in my life :)

Happy Birthday for me, hope i'll be better and better and better :)