Minggu, 05 April 2015


I Spent the last few days Having quality time in my lovely hometown, Strolling around, having chatters over coffee with my favourite people. It wasn't the best trip of all as it is a rather tiny town and i grew up here (and never leave!) but I did have some good food and chatters.

#1 First Stop. Having Breakfast in Roaster And Bear. Always Love the Ambience <3
#2 Cafe hopping with my favorite girls in our Favourite Coffee shop since college: peacock Cafe. Good coffee, good talks, good mates.
#3 as always, Done by my favourite Nail artist in the world : Mayang Anindita
#4 we were having a good time, Strolling Around GreenHost Boutique Hotel.
#5 Well, Of course I do hate farewell :( We need More Hellos than Goodbye *Cries* haha We'll meet again, girls. Love!
Have a Great weekend Ahead, people.


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