Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

Mom, birthday and chairs (?,

Today my mom got her 45 years old. Then my father bought her a pair of chairs for her birthday. okay, vintage chair . we ussualy called it 'kursi sedan' or something like that , because i don't know really the name. well, she loves everything vintage especially for furniture and Car , also ‘teko’ and tintoys :) and this day , she wanted this vintage ice cream chair , just like OEN ice cream shop used . like this :

Oen 'ice-cream-shop' Chairs :) little different with my mom's chair . they used Rotan for the materials .

The other kind of OEN's chair .

another kind of chair : Zangrandi's (the old ice cream shop at surabaya) chair .

Tiptop's Chair . this is the old ice cream shop from Jogja :)

So, here it is , mom . Enjoy the chair and don’t forget the ice cream ! ;9
Happy birthday !

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