Sabtu, 19 Maret 2016

Zao Fox Village

I had a bussiness trip around tohoku last week and after finished the event, I decided to visit the cutest village on earth which is take place in Tohoku area! It was a Fox Village in Miyagi prefecture. Actually, I Just heard about it before, but never passed in my mind that i would visit that place for real because it was very very very very far from Kobe. But yeah finally I got the chance to see these surreal creatures! *crying happily*

It took almost 2 hours by shinkansen from tokyo to Shiroishizao station. After arrived safely in the station, we caught a cab to the hill for 20 minutes trip (cost 4000 yen for taxi-ride). Althought, it was cheaper to take a bus from Shiroishi station ( Shiroishizao station is only for Shinkansen), but we missed the bus so we prefer to took a cab. Anyway, You could easily get the information about the village from the information center in the station. Some of the staff will recomend you to call the taxi again when you want to go back to the station from the village. So you need to write down the cab driver's phone number. But, Actually, the owner of the fox village will kindly help you to order taxi or show you the schedule of the bus. It was easy to get in and get out the village.

Honestly, I was really scared at first. Because I always scared of dog (i had these kind of childhood traumatic), and i thought that Fox will be quite similar. But I forced myself to visit the fox village. It was simply because i always thought that Fox was so surreal and i'm curiously want to meet those creatures, despite how scared i am. It was totally worth it! The fox wasnt scary at all, turns out, they were soooooo sooo cute!! i want to pet 'em so bad, but indonesia's weather is sunny all the time, the fox wouldnt be able to live, tho. Additionally,  It is better to come on winter because you could see snow covering all over the places. The combination of the red fox color and the snow will perfectly good in a camera frame!


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