Selasa, 13 Januari 2015

A Happiness Survival Box

First of all, i would like to say Happy New years 2015 even it's already in a mid-january :p
so, How's your 2015 so far? I wast spent my last two weeks working on a new-fun-project. Well yes, maybe you already familiar with these kind of things : Hampers. But since this is my very first time working on something like this, i've become very excited :p

it's all begin when a good friend of mine, Miftah, was really confused what to give to his girlfriend on her birthday.They decided to having a long distance relationships so that's become difficult for him to meet her or giving surprise to her since they were live separatedly.

Because of that condition, Miftah asked me to made an unforgetable gift for her. Then i decided to make this kind of things : A happiness Keeper. To keep Miftah's girlfriend happy even they couldnt meet on that special day :)

This box contains of anything that makes you Happy : A jar full of Hersheys kisses (who doesnt love chocolate anyway? ), A Tiramisu Cake in Jar, A bottle of Fruit-tea (to keep you fresh and healthy, and something healthy makes you happy, right?), A special card and a pack of photographs to remind her how blessed she is, has someone who love her so much :)

Watcha think? Arent you happy receiving this kind of happiness survival box, are you? ;)



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